1:48 PM, Friday, July 16th, 2021:
Man this is like old-school Journey timing. Unbelievable news that let's you exhale and finally see life after RentTheDelorean.com (as a filmmaker) and then BOOM, all of it erased...
As tends to be the case in this new world: there's no one to talk to about this. It just is. My distributor made it clear earlier this year if your stuff was pulled from Prime, that was it - they were literally not allowed to submit the same film again. I lasted several months longer than most, but for no reason given, as I mention in the video, everything was pulled. Now there's two ways to look at it:
1) It's pretty fucking amazing that Amazon paid me for people watching my movie on their site for free. Like, I just don't understand the business model there. I'm certainly not BRINGING people to Amazon and even though there's several thousands of dollars changing hands... I don't understand how it behooves them to pay content creators with so little curation (meaning they seemingly let nearly everyone in). I was glad when they took everything down that didn't have a distributor - that's at least one barrier to entry, but I felt if you're not making 4-5 figures a quarter FOR them? You're wasting their space.
2) Really, the moment I have my knockout quarter where I advertised and totally kicked ass, they remove me. Ugh. I know it's pennies to them, but what the fuck. And no explanation? No metrics to study? No hurdles to jump, no direction? Tell me what I need to get to. I'd actually PAY to have my films stay free on Amazon Prime without ads. I would personally pay for that because it means so much to my credibility. Alas, that's gone.
So that leaves me with having to allow ads and make people pay to remove them and, well, fuck. ALl that means is that I'm never making money off my films unless I score a mini-miracle. Meeting Michael was the only film I knew could break through (AND IT FUCKING DID) but no one is going to pay to see it. Everything is streamed. So that shit is done.
Such a bummer. My distributor is at Cannes right now and will help me attack everything later. Apparently it's a really big deal that Pluto TV picked up Meeting Michael because they are super-selective and my distributor thinks that will make a bunch once it happens (this fall?) but it's just not a top tier streaming platform and I'd rather it be free on Amazon Prime. FUUUUUUUUUUUCK.
So annoyed. But yay - it was doing well.