12:21 PM, Thursday, July 8th, 2021:
There are people that hate dealing with salesman and then there's me... well that's not exactly right. I hate dealing with them too, but I have zero issues with conflict and know the games. So I wait 'em out, I walk out a few times and get them yelling. Rule #1 - if you haven't walked out while they yell your name loud enough for other people to hear it? You haven't done your job.
The truth is, that sticker price (especially on a used car) has about 25% (in this case $10,000) profit baked in. It just does no matter what they tell you. The first salesman actually had the audacity to tell me he was making $150 on this car. They're lying. No one works for that. Everyone is getting paid handsomely.
On the flip side, especially right now? There is absolutely a premium on used cars and there's hardly any inventory for new cars. It's a weird time post-COVID. Enter a low-mileage 2019 Toyota Tundra that is a perfect foundation for a Marty McFly Truck mod and even though I was willing to walk away, I knew I wouldn't find this again. 18,000 miles on a nearly 3 year old Truck is the one advantage of COVID: we all stopped driving... and I knew they were like $5,000 over MSRP.
Here's the thing though, I really was going to get an F-150 or F-250 and that's why I kept leaving the negotiations. It wasn't even a tactic. They'd make up some ridiculous number and I'd say point blank: "Guys, I've been in sales before, I know this market - YOU WILL GET THAT FROM SOMEONE. You just won't get it from me."
Then they're chasing me down which tells me they were lying all along. All the way to the point of arguing $200. Two, fucking, hundred dollars on a $40,000 car. Get fucked. That's when I walked out the 2nd time. They're making money! I talked them $4,000 under sticker and erased an extra $1000 in the fee bullshit they pull at the end. They made money, I got a good deal... it was hours of stupidity but I had nowhere to be and had time to kill before I actually needed a truck for a gig in a couple weeks so I just played the game.
I did the same thing with the Rav 4 a couple years ago. Fuck you guys, I just don't care enough to listen to your shit. Here's the money. Ya want it? Make it work. If you don't? I, will, walk, a, way, oh, my, fuck... my emotions don't care. Talya and her mom sat this negotiation out as the Rav 4 sale kinda gave them anxiety attacks. I personally LOVED screaming in a dealership while they yelled back at me and then grabbed me in the parking lot... Talya and Karen? Not so much. I find it all funny.
But NOWWWWWWWWWW I can say - holy shit, I can mod this truck to look like a modern version of the McFly truck and it could eventually be used in dual packages. Two birds, one-stone kinda stuff. Very, very pumped about it and man, the kids LOVED that we got a truck. Not sure why exactly, but they had a lot of fun.
It's also a very big truck. 5.7L V8 - towing capacity over 10,000 lbs... I actually cannot WAIT to tow this thing to San Francisco on the 20th. I never have to stress again towing with underpowered cars. Can you believe it?!?!?! Ahhh, life is good.