10:44 AM, Tuesday, July 6th, 2021:
Golf is such a funny sport. Especially putting. The skill to putt well can be learned in an hour and with very little practice you can be pretty consistent...
...to be good or even great? It's all in your head. It's just... all in your head. Of course reading crazy huge greens and massive hills, etc - that's some magic right there, but for your general run-of-the-mill putting? You need the ability to erase from your mind what happened RIGHT BEFORE you step up to the ball. It's hard. It's really, really hard. You have to take emotion out, address the ball like it's the first thing you've done that day, and do that repeatedly for dozens of shots.
Cam got the skill down pretty quick. Like 2. Dude made a hole-in-one on the Supertee Zero shot on his 2.5 birthday, June 25th, 2016. Like, he's always gotten the physical aspect of putting from the earliest of ages. The mental game? Controlling emotions? Oh hell no. Even when he beat his grandfather a couple years ago he simply outlasted him. Neither score was good. But for GolfKon events? You need to qualify under-par...
...and for MAJORS? Almost ALWAYS a (-5) or better. The adults are just too good. A (-5) is 5 birdies and 4 pars. That's some concentration. That requires what I described above: the ability to forget everything that happened just seconds ago, even when you've blown a hole, and get a bogey instead of a double bogey. It's straight up maturity. And for whatever reason? The 4th of July is the day Cameron found that maturity. There's not rhyme or reason as to why, but he would have a bad hole and just keep going. Previously? A bogey or worse destroyed his whole game. He'd go to the next tee, not concentrate as much and suddenly bogey THAT hole and just get angry. And I get it, if you get a 6 on Hole 2? It's wildly frustrating to have to play 7 more holes when you're already out of it.
So with that (slightly obvious) opening I give you the 2021 Independence Championship. Something I had no idea I would be doing until I saw the little dude start kicking ass. Enjoy...
My goodness what do I even say. I just can't believe he's here! Like, he's a threat now for everyone. Smart money is on him taking another couple tournaments to qualify again because there's always a sophomore slump, but now it honestly is a question of who will win a major first? Cam or Steven. A human who WASN'T FUCKING ALIVE when Steven started losing majors... could win one before he does. Goddamn I love that. BWAHAHAHAHA.
But it goes without saying I'm proud. The composure he held through 18 holes in the finals still blows my mind. He'd make the funny comment when he fucked up... but he'd walk right up to the ball, line up correctly and keep going. That just was, not, in, him before. Hell, it ain't in Vienna at ALL. Forget a bad hole, she has one bad stroke - she's done for. Not because she's bad or because she's immature... but because it's a really FREAKING difficult skill to control. Somehow, Cam did it. And everyone was rooting for him. We were all stunned that this little dude (especially when he always followed Ethan - LOL) could hit eagles and birdies and recover so well from bad shots. And again, I reiterate: that is the key. When the ball does what you want, everyone is in a good mood. When you're trying to save BOGEY when you're completely flustered? That's the skill that wins tournaments. I absolutely believe he can win a Major in 2022. At 8. Wow.

Congrats Cam, you are a MAJOR QUALIFIER. That's amazing.