2:26 PM, Monday, July 2nd, 2021:
I feel like the sarcastic Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka.

"Please help. Stop... don't..."
In this case:
"Oh no, please stop, your bullying hurts..."
So as I'll explain in this video, no... let me just show the video...
This is all so stupid. So painfully stupid. Even the tiniest ounce of support from anyone in the Delorean LS community would have stopped this immediately but no one will step up. And the only one saying anything is the guy also bullying me to race the San Diego car because he refuses to race himself. That's the thing that really needs to be pointed out here - after years of trying to get people to record their 1/4 mile times at the track only one dude did it: Christopher Hawes. Everyone else made excuses and/or just straight up said they weren't going to. Just me and Chris. So there isn't even an actual community and not only do I no longer care - NO ONE who watched the movies cared. Most understood what the movies were about and fully understood that I passed the baton at the end of II and was never going to race my food truck that feeds my family. I risked ALL OF THAT to set 12.29, now go beat it!

...or don't and say you did. <throws hands up>

Oh well - I'm just so happy to write this entry and call it a day. Nothing about the Fastest Delorean project was remotely rewarding except strangers writing to me saying the movie inspired them or sharing their own family stories with me. THAT was special (still is) and that was the point of the movies. Taunting me to race again says everything about the taunters. Like, I must feel my car is an extension of me so NOT racing it means I doubt myself. Translation: their car IS an extension of them.

Shit I didn't even race it the FIRST time because of that. I WASN'T SUPPOSED TO RACE IT. LOL. This is like Clerks:  "I'm not even supposed to BE HERE today!" The guy that was supposed to be there (Kenny) didn't show up. So now I'm dealing with all the gear-head bullshit HE was supposed to deal with years later.
HAHAHAHA. That's exactly my frustration. I am Dante. Like - why are these idiots taunting me? I'M NOT EVEN THE CAR GUY.
Anyway - it's over. It was over 4 years ago when I literally said "It's fucking over! I'm done. DONE! Never doing it again as long as I live."

Now that I think of it: imagine I raced this dude, he beat me, but didn't beat 12.29... Who has the fastest car? Anyone, anyone?
Record holders only lose the title when their TIME is beat. Who doesn't know this?
Hmmm, new theory - dude in San Diego does know this, but is using me as the excuse for why he won't go to the track. He really doesn't want to race his car at the track because of all the shit that can go wrong. Using a stretch of road and an iphone app is ideal because you can do it as much as you want, whenever you want... and there's no pressure. No video, no one watching... fuck I don't even know WHICH CAR HE PUT IT IN. He knows I'm not racing it again so he can put ME up as the excuse to why he won't actually go to the track. How fucking stupid is all of this? My goodness, the more I talk about it the more assanine it is.
ZZZZZzzzzzzzz. Moving on. Welcome to July. It's hot.