2:19 PM, Monday, June 28th, 2021:
PARTAY TIME.... kinda.
So this year it wasn't exactly COVID that kept us from having this party... it was the fact that CAM never met any of his classmates this year. LMAO. He became ZOOMclose with one dude and his parents were vaccinated so we just had them come over. This party was the first time they'd ever met. So strange.
Still fun though. I hope the kids remember these as fun moments. I'm sure trying my damndest to keep some normalcy here even though it's clearly some bullshit. The worst is that things are getting bad again and goddamnit... it's in the realm of possibility that they start this fall on Zoom. That can't be can it? Goddamn I wish the kids could get vaccinated. What a complete cluster-fuck.
You know what I really wish? I REALLY wish they only let children into school whose PARENTS have been vaccinated if the kids are too young to be vaccinated themselves. THAT would be a ballsy move. Won't happen - but man I wish it would.

But for one day - we all just had fun. Happy Birthday, man.