12:01 AM, Friday, June 25th, 2021:
7.5 my MANnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
So writing these letters to future Cam always starts with rereading last year's... wait, why don't I just start:
Dear Cam,
So I'm reading 6.5 and it seems you were annoying and as we were 100 days into quarantine it was getting rough. I said I had hoped that would have subsided a bit by now and...
...it has! To us. Vienna still loses her shit, but the truth is? A year later? We're pretty much still in quarantine. Sure we go out a bit more now - but you're still not IN school and we're still on top of each other 24-7. It's a miracle you guys are doing as well as you are.
But as of very recently? You guys have been amazing. Helping us out, getting along - playing with those plushies. Dude... you're getting 8 MORE Mario plushies today and I can't wait to see you open them. Holy shit it's gonna be awesome. It's really strange you like those so much to be honest. But I kind of think you'll have them forever. Like you'll eventually put them in a box, but we'll keep them and you'll give them to your kids. For what they cost you'd fucking better.

But as I mentioned last year - the father/son things has really kicked in. You're my best bud and I adore hanging out and gaming with you or talking with you. YOU STILL CUDDLE which I'm not sure you'll ever understand until you have kids... but it means everything right now. You're so clearly older now, but when you cuddle or just want to be touching hands when we're watching a movie or whatnot? For a brief second you're still 2. And it feels, so, beautiful. I know the days are limited but just know that although the cuddles will turn into back slaps and high fives soon, even that will mean a bunch. The connection is everything.
My biggest takeaway this year? Is your empathy. I see it when you play with younger kids at a playground and it's really, really overwhelming. You have such a instinctual caring for younger kids or animals and I'd like to think I had that? But I kind of think I was too shy. Eventually once I was comfortable? Sure. But you? Man, you go right up to kids and try to make them feel welcome and put yourself out there constantly. It hurts to watch you get rejected, but man... you just keep going. That sort of kindness is so rare and I hope the harshness of this world doesn't round your edges too soon. You actually inspire me to be a better man sometimes.
Annnnnnnnnnnnd there's the tears.
So that's pretty much The Journey right now. Crying about how happy I am literally all the time. Wow. I need a minute here and in fact... fuck it. We'll call that scene.
I love you man - you are extraordinary and I couldn't be more proud of you.