2:33 PM, Friday, June 18th, 2021:
The beach. Everytime I go I always think "Oh yeah. The beach." - It just never occurs to me that it's THIS CLOSE. Less than an hour to a nice beach with few people there. The touristy beaches are closer but the section we like is still under an hour...
...YET I ALWAS FORGET. So this summer? We're gonna try to make it a weekly thing. The kids just adore it and it kicks their ass and they always sleep well. It also just feels like vacation even if it's a daycation.
It's funny, what was basically safe during COVID is what we're now doing after quarantine (but before kid vaccines): outdoor shit that is UBER safe thanks to a vaccination rate in the 60s. It's the nice thing about being SO SERIOUS the past year: very safe shit now feels like cheating somehow. We appreciate it SO MUCH. It's wonderful.
It's weird to write those words: it's wonderful. I'm in "Journey Movie Editing Mode" and you really do forget just what an ABOUT-FACE my life did in 2010. It's like night and day. The days are almost always wonderful. My life is filled with ridiculous happiness with my family doing the most passive things. I feel like a kid. Focusing on the kids just brings so much joy that I'm not even certain an adult can feel after a certain point. The line in Knocked Up nails it: I wish I liked anything as much as kids liked bubbles. Now that dude was depressed and had marital problems, etc... but the point still rings true: there's a joy that you do grow kind of tired of. But kids RIP IT OUT of you. And I feel that shit SO HARD. I'm brought to tears nearly daily by something Cam or Vienna say/do. Watching them learn how to navigate their emotions and life and conflicts... it's the most rewarding thing I've ever known. So proud.
We're also watching more Friends than I ever imagined possible at this age. Vienna is straight up addicted. Phoebe is her spirit animal and I've honestly never seen her attach herself so strongly with something. It's like the first time she's really gotten humor. Sure, little kid stuff... but actual situational comedy and the whole Shakespearean angle of the writing. It's really cool to watch her. Cam couldn't possibly care less. I mean, he likes Ross and Rachel... probably for the same reason I did: RACHEL IS HOT. ROSS LIKES HER. I WANT TO BE ROSS...
...but also? Jesus Schwimmer was a good actor. Jesus Perry was a good actor... Courtney Cox even surprised me more than I remembered - Joey was still Joey (and it was funny in the reunion he straightup just said "you guys were better than me") LOL. But he's totally loveable and very well written. But Perry and Schwimmer are really remarkable.
AND MY GOD THE NIPPLES. Was this on purpose? How could NO other show have this issue back then? I swear they had to have had nipple bras. It's non-stop.
Anyway. Life is good. Summer is wonderful. Giddy-up.