6:54 PM, Monday, June 14th, 2021:
I can't express how hard of a "NO" this was. When Phil called me (a known car agent out here) I wanted literally nothing to do with it. I get paid handsomely for birthday parties. Trade shows. Simple shit. For years now. In fact 2022-2024 is gonna be CRAZY busy with everyone ready to party after COVID. So the idea of doing a stunt shoot with powerslides in the middle of the desert is not something I'm willing to do. I almost didn't respond, and even after a second email from him I really was just gonna walk away.
Then I thought, what if I just make up demanding shit. Like stupid stuff. Like you need to take out a $250,000 policy just for my car. You need to pick the car up in an enclosed trailer. You need to hire a stunt driver that can do this in half the takes it would take me. Then, make up the most ridiculous and unreasonable number I could think of for the shoot simply so I could walk away...
...and he said "ok" and paid me before the car even went on the trailer.
The bottom line? Having the LS3 engine is the only way they were gonna get a Delorean Time Machine to pull off this stunt and I'm the only Delorean Time Machine owner crazy enough to risk his business to swap the engine. It's the first and only time having that engine helped me secure a gig and in fact I've lost several gigs BECAUSE of how loud that fucker is. And how shitty that clutch is and the fact that very few people can even drive it. Massive hindrance... but this time? This time I won one. And what, a, trip...
So close to that stop sign. So close to this being a different story... and really a complete crossroad for my entier life. The truth is I had to be ok with losing the business. And, clearly, I was. It's simply a job to make money for me, I have zero ego wrapped up in the car, and I would GLADLY walk away for a $250,000 check. Sheeeit.
But, the dude knocked it out (and avoided that stop sign) and life moves on.
543 straight gigs without letting anyone down. Can't believe it.