11:45 AM, Friday, June 11th, 2021:
It's hard to put into words what this trip meant. And I guess, that's why I document things with video...
It's funny how you don't really process loss until you're safe. In the storm you're focused on survival and then when the danger is over you look back and it kind of knocks you back: man, we went through some shit. I felt it actually in January when Biden had the memorial for the victims (one of which was my grandfather)... we were cheated out of the NORMAL SHIT our leaders do that we take for granted. Simple acceptance. The ability to grieve. It's so necessary and was so completely destroyed by a president saying it wasn't really happening. How fucking bizarre were those 4 years? Wow. Just, wow.
Anyway - I was kidding about the kids doing things on their own... they really were owning that place completely by themselves a lot of the time. They're great swimmers and we knew that they had this fear of people because of COVID... and we needed to rip off the band-aid. It's never gonna be safer than outside when you're constantly moving. They aren't vaccinated, so we spent ZERO TIME around people inside (literally only the walk to our hotel room which we never even passed anyone), but outside in a pool setting? It's time to let go - and let go they did.
And Talya and I drank and drank and laughed and just were giddy all day, all evening... I can't remember when I've had so much fun. Evenings were spent watching Friends in the hotel room, which was wildly innappropriate for our kids but Vienna fell absolutely in love with Phoebe and it's her new favorite thing of all-time. We basically just said "they're all in their 20s and all they want to do is have sex." They both went "OK." and it seemingly flew over their heads for the most part (although Vienna has several questions - lol). But I had forgotten how funny those performances are.
Soooooo yeah. This kicks off a summer where we're going to be going to the beach a bunch and doing as many outdoor activities as possible! Two months until ACTUAL, REAL, SCHOOL, starts!