10:35 AM, Saturday, June 5th, 2021:
Goddamn I love VR. And being able to play it at scale? It's just a joy. Thought I'd capture 10 minutes or so as it really feels like Father/son moments that will vanish before we know it...
It's the height man. That's the thing that does it. That's why this isn't just "playing games with your kid". Your avatar is YOUR SIZE so watching these videos has such an emotional response for me.
Also, ForeVR Bowl is really really fun. I've actually ben talking with the developers and helping them find glitches and they've been great. I'm actually considering pitching the GolfKon game idea to them (and several production houses) to see if I can get a team behind the idea. I think it's a really good idea and I know others will too.
It's all starting to come into focus... and please people: grab a Quest 2. It's the real deal.