9:22 AM, Tuesday, June 1st, 2021:
Oh this hurts. I have selfishly tried to find a way to edit around my behavior here but there's no escaping it: there has to be an entry/video for GolfKon events returning and I can't NOT include Steven winning as it's absolutely the biggest story...
...but oh what an unfortunate turn of events.
I can't begin to express how astronomical the chances are they would return during the only putt that mattered damn near the whole day. And what's crazy is, they're easily 150 feet away and you can still clearly hear them from where we're filming. I just wish I had walked away. It's actually something you learn when you play golf a lot. If there's something going on, just walk away and readdress the ball. The difference here was? The entire game we played - it was silence. The only people there were really into it and it was a wonderful atmosphere. So when I heard the steps coming I SHOULD HAVE STOPPED. The kids were walking like elephants - I knew what was coming and I just thought I could still make it.
And damnit? I WANTED STEVEN TO WIN! That's what I'm annoyed about. I actually ended up winning the major (we did two events yesterday) and had a great day and was hugging Steven after this - SO HAPPY - but unfortunately what is seen on the video (and will be seen on the leaderboard) is my shitty reaction and my delayed hand shake. I hate being seen as a bad sport - and I honestly hate making excuses even more. My whole life is dedicated to being accountable and to have that moment immortalized on film hurts.
But, it's the truth. And as I've always said, the truth is the only thing that will prevail. Trying to hide the truth always backfires eventually. So I need to just suck it up and spray Steven with champagne the next time I see him on July 4th.
And seriously, congrats man. You DID IT!!!