7:44 PM, Friday, May 28th, 2021:
FINALLY! I finally do an interview/podcast where the car NEVER COMES UP. I haven't done that since 2014... Crazy, right? Even if people are focusing on The Journey... well, Fastest Delorean or even HAVING a Delorean Time Machine is what they're most excited about. Not this time...
...no, these peeps saw "Meeting Michael", thought it was fucking awesome, and wanted me to be part of their "Bracketology" series and paired me with (JESUS) one of the editors of "The Last Dance". Hello imposter syndrome, how have you been since 2019?
You sir, were one of the editors on the most acclaimed sports series of all-time and I'm the guy that made a documentary in his attic in 2020 during a pandemic. Of course let's get equal time. BWAHAHA.
I mean, yes the 1995 footage is cool and capturing that fan interaction is special. But that's like 15 seconds... "The Last Dance" is so much amazing footage, you can barely process it. There is no comparison.
But? I love talking and it shows in this over 2-hour video which could've been twice as long. I hope those following The Journey who actually love basketball like I do will enjoy it. It's a great discussion.
Joey and Michael are gonna find a way to get to GolfKon before the playoffs are over since they're local... I CAN'T WAIT! FRIENDS THAT ONLY LIKE "Back to the Future" like NORMAL peeps! Basketball fans! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO.