5:45 PM, Thursday, May 27th, 2021:
Fuck this shit. Fuck it. FUck it. We're done. We're done. We're done...
There is no celebration. There is no feeling of accomplishment. Maybe years from now we can look back and be happy with what we survived and BLESS YOU TALYA for what you dealt with as you took the brunt of it all... but we just never want to think about it again. Never. Ever. Ever.
Zoom school fucking blows. And it couldn't end soon enough. May these children never have to live through another pandemic nor have to parent through one. History says this will be it. A fucking hope so, though I have zero faith in our society to get through even the tiniest bumps in the road if it relies on the community being decent or considerate.
<rolls eyes>
IT. IS. OVER. Countdown to normal school less than 3 months away.