11:07 AM, Sunday, May 23rd, 2021:
I'm so angry I can barely write this but feel I need to at least start this entry. I know the video is going to be me telling the story in the call and then coming home and breating "the other guy" so I'll just put the placeholder here...
God I just watched that again. I don't know if I want to share that now. Let me say this in defense of how loud I was: that fucker was yelling at ME. One apology at the beginning of that conversation and I never would've raised my voice. You can hear the moment I switch: when he says "Oh why would YOU get sued..." This fuckhole acted like I was overreacting to him being THREE AND A HALF HOURS LATE to a UNION SHOOT for FUCKING APPLE. Oops, can't say that yet - but by the time I probably get this video done I will be able to say it - LOL. He knew it was Apple, HE signed the NDA and then acted like WE were unreasonable when we got another car because...
...he was THREE AND A HALF HOURS LATE. And I know exactly how arrogant inconsiderate pricks like him act: "What are they gonna do, cancel the shoot? They need my car, they'll start when I get there."
YOU FUCK. I'm getting angry again. I had just calmed down and felt like I needed to write before I was too calm. LMFAO. If only you could've heard this arrogant cocksucker who is YELLING AT ME like I DID SOMETHING. He wants to know if I was involved in the other car being there? He was pissed at ME that I had a backup!!!!

Ahem. I'm just gonna let this go and try to enjoy my Sunday. And if there is anyone in the movie car renting business who needs to know who this driver was (and believe me, you need to know before you make the same mistake I did) please contact me privately. I won't do this publicly for obvious reasons, but I cannot let anyone get sucker-punched by this dude again.
PS - the title is an allusion to my favorite line in "The Departed": "I'm the guy that did his job. You must be the other guy." Oh GODDAMN I love that scene. Wahlberg NAILED that line like no other line he's ever spoken. I remember the theater I was in ROARING. Great shit.