8:33 PM, Saturday, May 22nd, 2021:
And then, it ended...
...and felt completely normal as if not a day had passed. Of course that's because we were in our own backyard. We're taking the kids to a hotel with waterslides next month and I have a feeling THAT will feel far more IMPACTFUL, but I felt it necessary to share the moment Cam got to see his best friend and have what seems like an outright MOB at our house. The GolfKon Memorial Tournament is about a week away as well and holy shit: life is returning to normal.
And can I say once again how annoyed I am that sunrises look Christian? LMFAO. I'm TAKING BACK THE SUN goddamn it. See? GODDAMN. You don't OWN THE SUN man. MY SUN TOO! EVERYONE'S SUN.
But yes, it feels like a new day and I picked the right background for 2021. This long transition to 2022 which for all intents and purposes should be a PARTY year like no other.