9:10 AM, Sunday, May 16th, 2021:
Last night, I went back in time 10 years... brought out those chairs and had one absolutely surreal time...
...and when I'm finished with this entry, I'm shaving my beard. I loaded the footage and checked it? And it's good. There's a couple lighting issues that I'm gonna have to fuck with in post for a loooong time, but not enough to redo it. Getting the time to do it with the kids out of the house was a pain and I just need to move on from this beard.
But I am ecstatic because I'm seeing what will be a 2-part 20 year set of films that I don't believe has been done before. I know people have filmed themselves talking to younger and older versions of themselves (I believe even longer than 20 years) but there's a narrative in these films that is really, really unique. It will make you think I really had a time machine. I now have to just sit on the whole project until I'm around 165 pounds (maybe August?) so I can't really get into that or even make a proper trailer because I'm intercutting me as 2010 Adam that I shoot later this year. It's so confusing, so complicated I really just have to wait until I have all that footage and I can make it all work.
My only job now is: keep losing weight. I can do that.