7:34 PM, Friday, May 14th, 2021:
So I finally broke down and bout a 180 degree 3D camera. The visceral feeling of "BEING THERE" is so intense and I really wanted to capture the kids in a way that I'll be able to throw on a headset and really feel it.
Not that I can't with all the 2D stuff, but it feels more film-like when I do that. It's great! Of course, I like documenting things like a film... but VR? 3D videos you watch in a VR headset? Oh jesus they're real. It's oftentimes "hold your breath" real. And although the good cameras for that are like $50,000? Now you can do this for $400:
Now, how do you watch this in VR? Man, it's such a pain in the ass. On my Quest 2 you have to go to YouTube in a browser (NOT THE YOUTUBE APP OF FUCKING COURSE) and then hit play and on the options select VR and side-by-side 3D. Then of course restart the video and it should work. Of course the moment there's a system update that will probably all change <throws hands up>. So I won't be doing this again for The Journey for a long, long time. But for those who can figure it out (and can stream at a REALLY HIGH RATE) it should look pretty cool. Almost a bit uncomfortable because I put the camera too damn close. It's different than a normal camera because as a vbiewer you're literally ZOOMING IN about 2-3x more than when you're just watching a normal video. In the future I will definitely be setting the camera up further away.
...but it's pretty clear now that if I'm ever making the GolfKon video game? I'm not doing the SNES style or even a modern style: I'm doing it in VR. I don't care if I lose money or it wastes my time: I want GolfKon documented in VR and I still think my autobiographical story is a great setting for a construction/RPG videogame.