5:37 PM, Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021:
Could it be? 3 peaceful days into February? All is good? Even got to enjoy our hot tub this weekend?
OK. OK. I'll take it. I have a gig tomorrow, so let's see how THAT shit turns out, but right now? Things are good.
Crazy thing is? I haven't watched news for over a week. Like, not once. Not one segment, not one show. I have zero interest. Won't watch a second of the impeachment trial (unless Trump himself takes the stand of course) and I'm just... I'm OUT. I'm rehabilitating my freaking mind. I have to.
It feels like a detox. It feels like the start of a diet (now pushed to after the Super Bowl - lol)... it just feels like it's time.
By the way, that Coleman hot tube for $500 is fucking amazing. Like, I never thought an inflatable thingee would be worth it, but the design of how they do the bubbles without jets is perfect. Like, it's a really, really legit addition to our lives when we were intending to get a REAL one for several thousand dollars.
For now, this works. And works well. So, glad, it's, February.