7:29 PM, Wednesday, January 27th, 2021:
Annnnnd I'm up and running again 6 days later. All of that time simply being waiting for parts to arrive and thankfully there were no gigs that I could've missed. So incredibly my streak of never missing a gig continues: 522 straight. Crazy.
Kids are funny.
Now, unlike 2018 (January 20th instead of 21st - weird) when the fire happened, this was much more leisurely. I had more control, I had more of an idea of what to do. So.... is this TOO a Kenny issue?
I'm afraid it is.
So Kenny hard-mounted the motor. Usually there's rubber bushings to make for a smoother ride and, well, to keep bolts from unscreweing from normal fucking driving. There was actually a scene in Fastest Delorean where Ray discovered the bolts had loosened after drag racing it and I took it out after I had tightened them and they came loose just a month later. It seemed clear this was a parts issue and not a Kenny issue of simply not tightening them enough.

Cut to a couple years later and after trying to replace everything I realize it's NOT a parts issue as every other Delorean owner with an LS swap isn't having this problem. The one difference? My engine is welded right to the goddamn frame. Josh Schattenkirk finally called that as being the most likely culprit. So he had an idea on how to fix it, which ended up not working, but now I'm just gonna get pre-drilled bolts and use a safety wire. That'll end this problem which has caused me to tighten bolts every 50-75 miles for years. Real fun guessing mileage when you don't have a working spedometer.
Fucking barrel of laughs, that is.
So will this goddamn month end? WHAT THE FUCK ELSE IS GOING TO HAPPEN?
PS - that was probably a stupid thing to write, but let's see...