9:02 PM, Wednesday, January 20th, 2021:
Fucking hell, dude...
I've already bought what I need to fix the axle (both really - long story for when I fix 'em) and the lady I hit is being super cool so this will all end well... but motherfucker.
So the accident was a mix of my bad breaks and that goddamn bumper shit. It was one of those sudden stops on a freeway you're never totally ready for and everyone was doing the splinter dance where you go right/left/right/left to avoid the car ahead of you. I hit the breaks and went right and JUST clipped her. So annoyed. The breaks are soft, but not really "bad". I'd have to redo the whole system to make them better - they have plenty of padding... they're just not well designed. Well, not like today's cars. I wouldn't have even needed to veer right if it was a car today.
Then add in that metal protruding out of my bumper and that did it. FAAACK. I can fix it on my end pretty easily and it'll probably cost me $1000 to fix her shit, but thankfully that's it.
More than anything, I'm just exhausted. My computer monitor (my 75 inch screen I've had for 5 months) just stopped working completely. Even under warranty, I would still have to pay to ship it back and it was SO MASSIVE I couldn't even fit the box in my attic - so I think I just lost $800 there. 5 months? Then the accident, then the breakdown and now the tenants hot water heated doesn't work - all of this within a 24 period after Biden is sworn in. What the fuck.
It's almost like life needed to do all this shit to me for awhile now, but Trump was just too much. Once he was gone the Journey Gods said "ok, now's the time, he can take it..." WHAMMO.
And I can take it, and I will fix everything and we will move on. BUT GODDAMN THIS CAR. More on that next entry.