4:03 PM, Wednesday, January 13th, 2021:
Christ this week. Was 1/6 really a week ago? I haven't left the TV. I cannot stop reading. I cannot stop wondering. I cannot BELIEVE he isn't on social media. This is the strangest twilight zone shit, ever. Oh speaking of that...
Two days ago I got tricked into believing Trump had resigned. State.gov changed to say Trump's term ended that day (01/11/21) at the same time secret service was circling Pence's house. Michael Beschloss tweeted a pic of it:
Of course we now know the state.gov change was a disgruntled employee and the secret service were flying over Pence's house as he was about to travel to the White House to meet with Trump. In between figuring that out however, we get this lovely gem:
Which honestly? Perfectly explains how this week has felt. Everything is on the table. At any time, any news could happen and we would not be surprised. So as of this exact second all eyes are on 1/17 where the original plan was for every state capitol to be taken over so Trump could decleare a state of emergency and try to hold onto his power. The problem? Since Trump has been removed from Social media his followers are fucking lost. Half of them think the state capitol idea is an FBI honeypot and they're all saying "DON'T GO"... because their leader is muted. It's crazy. Twitter singlehandedly may have stopped all of this and Trump will just walk the fuck away on 1/20 and that's it.
Which of course begs the question - WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T THEY DO THIS YEARS AGO - but anyway, that's where we are today.
Oh and Trump was impeached. That's the second bit of news. LOL. A day ago I would tell you I thought he would be convicted because McConnell is pro-conviction, but this morning he said he won't reconvene the Senate early so it won't start until after Biden is elected. So now I think it's a coin-flip. The further we are from the Insurrection and the calm that Biden will bring may just save Trump...
...on the other hand, the further we get from it the more video that comes out showing just how fucking awful it was. I don't really know. I wonder if some of these Senators are now literally afriad for their lives? And won't convict solely on that? They'll just figure he's gone, and just let it go. Who knows.
But as we speak, a week out from the Inauguration, DC looks like Iraq. There's 20,000 Troops guarding the Inauguration. Biden is getting sworn in a military camp basically. They have snipers monitoring the police themselves. The thought of an inside job now has to be concern #1. There's no way normal people are getting closed to the ceremony itself... so... fuck.
Such a scary time. Why can't it be Noon on 1/20 already? My diet is FUCKED because of the goddamn stress. I just want this over.