10:32 PM, Wednesday, January 6th, 2021:
All I can do is post my status updates for documentation. There's no other way to document today. So here are 50 updates (still not all of them from today - lol) as it allllll unfolded:
I have literally been telling people about January 6th for TWO MONTHS. I warned of what was coming post-election ALL YEAR. Trump was able to delay it (and build it up) by acting like he really did win and it would come out ANY MOMENT. It lead to today. As you see, it started last night.
So this is slightly cringe-worthy in hindsight but in reality? All they really did was "start some shit". They accomplished nothing as they're presently debating the certification and it will be done tonight. They delayed it. <rolling eyes> But at this point I was watching the rally and it was small and people were shivering. I was very annoyed with how inept they seemed and how everything they THOUGHT could happen - LITERALLY COULDN'T. The votes are over. "Certification" is nothing more than the Academy Awards broadcast of the results. Stopping the Academy Awards wouldn't change the votes.
Also slightly cringe-worthy but good to note: Trump's incitement to go fight at the Capitol was completely impotent. It was just funny to me. THEY CAN'T CHANGE THE VOTES. So it was nice to watch him promising all this shit that was never going to happen. And again, although that shit got crazy as fuck - they occupied the goddamn Capitol building and took selfies and podiums.
And then it starts.
I'm on 2 screens at this point trying to get the latest news and pass it on...
And this, is when, it got crazy. I was texted a link of a dude broadcasting HIS OWN CRIME of breaking through barriers and storming the Capitol. None of the news stations were covering it! They were still showing the speeches on the floor.
(Which remarkably WERE REAL but never went off)
13 minutes after I first posted it the news STILL WASN'T COVERING IT. My news feed is going crazy bitching about Ted Cruz and his speech. I'm getting calls from friends and I'm like "DUDE WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING!??!? THEY'RE STORMING THE CAPITOL"
Speaks for itself.
Remarkably they were the first of the 3 Cable news sources to show the outside of the Capitol. And why do I know this? By this point I am on FOUR separate screens watching every broadcast as well as the live feed from the dude breaking in himself.
Still waiting for someone to shoot these fuckers from the inside. The cops clearly had cause to.
Creepy split screen video of the evacuation prompted this.
Seeing them remove the important people before the rest of the Congress was eerie as fuck.
This, is when, it got emotional for me. Seeing them just walk on through where the Representatives and Senators walked in just two hours before made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I had this weird moment where I started to weep a little? For like 5 seconds and then caught myself. I was certain they were going to kill Pelosi, Pence, someone. They were being LET IN. They got in SO QUICKLY it felt like it was a set-up. An actual coup where the police were in on it. From "They are at the windows" to "They just got inside the Capitol" was 11 minutes. No shots fired. What, the, fuck.
Scary as fuck.
Emotion-booking right now.
At this point all floor cameras are OFF. We can see NOTHING. We saw them walking through the rotunda and then BLACK and news just showed outside at this point.
Source reporting here...
Looking back now, the bunkers, duh. I was thinking more about their inability to get OUTSIDE of the Capitol building. But yes, they could LIVE in the bunkers for days if need be...
Source reporting...
Thoughts of 9/11 and cell phone footage coming into news stations of this was insane. This, was, an, attack.
Duh. And then 3 months later this pic is texted to me by someone monitoring Twitter.
How insane is that picture? HOW INSANE. I cannot believe this.
Ends up she was listed as critical and died later but if you saw this on MSNBC? You knew she was dead on that gurney. I mean maybe they got her heart started? Maybe? But man... she was gone.
Repeated what I saw with this BATSHIT FUCKING PICTURE.
And my head exploded. There it was. Trump was LETTING THIS HAPPEN so he could delay certification and try to hold on to power. <blink>
Which, if not for what comes next, was highly plausible.
Funny, considering how fast people were posting, I was impressed so many people caught this one.
This fucking Tweet. My GODD.
So the temperature goes down, this IS gonna end and now it's just a matter of when.
Though insane looking at this - we ALL THOUGHT the police had just let them in at this point. This just confirmed it.
And here we go. Which is it? Are we happy that we're fighting for Trump or are we now blaming the other side? Come fucking on.
Process THAT shit. Wow.
And then THIS bombshell. New York Times and Washington Post knocking it OUT in the midst of all this. But how is this possible? How does he have the authority to do this?
I'm still seeeeeeeething at this fucking tweet. The tweet that finally got him banned for 12 hours. I mean holy fuck. "That's what you get! Should've overturned the election." HE NEEDS TO GO.
Video of the idiot getting killed. The entitlement. The goddamn entitlement. "Oh that guy with a gun yelling at me won't actually shoot me. I'm just gonna walk right through." FUCK these people are stupid.
Texting with friends it really did feel like this. Trump is CONTINUING to incite and Pence called in the national guard? What the fuck?
I still don't know how this didn't happen or if it did how Pence can be running the certification right now.
Took them long enough. Why only 12 hours? WHAT THE FUCK?
And of course he eventually did...
UGH. Blaming it on Antifa. In fact this is probably a good time for me to put in the video link for the entry which is just the random moments I decided to film.
Man my internet really held up because you know my peeps in the guesthouse were using it too. Wow.
And this is when it all started to die down and I started focusing on what's happening now. There's really no more intrigue as we know Biden will be certified and the Capitol is fortified. Cannot believe I'm saying that about the United States.
We all agreed that, yes, he could...
And that's where we'll end it as I'm in bed, I'm done posting and just watching the boring debate shit. Have no fucking idea what tomorrow will bring but there cannot be 13 straight days of this shit. He absolutely has to be removed. I cannot believe these idiot Republicans are STILL VOTING AGAINST THE ELECTION RESULTS. READ THE ROOM YOU FUCKING MORONS. People are gonna look back on these votes in horror. Hawley and Cruz are DONE.
I mean, I hope. Fucking hell what a time...
PS - It's hilarious to me that "Spencer Highbanks" is who is reporting all of this. I had changed my name so I could divide fans/friends, but it's hilarious that 1/6/21 will forever be remembered with the name Spencer Highbanks. Heh.