4:03 PM, Tuesday, January 5th, 2021:
Woo Hoo! Good stuff:
Very excited to have this laid out so I can focus on making it really, really special.
Now, as long-time followers of this thing know: There was a first Journey movie: "The Journey From 1 to 1000" - I never really released it... I made a blu-ray, had some meetings with it... but it didn't really go anywhere and truly it was a copyright issue waiting to happen. The Journey 2000-2009 never considered copyright because it was really just for me. Never dreamed of a streming world, or legitimate documentaries or any of that. So I will have to basically rework all of 2000-2009, but I will keep the "2000/2010 Adam" routine and may even redo 2010 Adam to make it fit better with the second film which will be 2020 talking to 2010. Basically I have to make both films at the same time and it's a gigantic job. And truthfully? I'll have to do a portion of the 2030 film this year guessing a whole bunch.
It's a lot to wrap your head around, but thankfully I'm the one doing it and when everyone sees it they're going to be pretty gobsmacked at how I could've pulled it all off. That's fun.
But as you can presume: I'll probably do about 5 of these in my life covering 2000-2050. I dreamt my death-date as a kid being July 13th, 2057, so I mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy make it to a Volume Six, but that's even too much for me to try and process. For now, the first two...
...and of course after that the long-awaited return of THE EGOS. I'm hoping to do a Concert Film where we end up performing one more time at the end of it ala The Beatles, Let it Be. I desperately miss performing live and I think my kids would adore it. That doesn't mean it will be clean mind you... I have to be true to what I think they will be 20 years later, but by nature - the rampant and nearly gleeful filthiness of previous versions will probably not fit as we're all so clearly middle-aged.
We'll see.
But for now - ALL THINGS JOURNEY. Which means going back over that first film with a fine-toothed comb and making some much needed cuts and deletions. Probably need a whole new animation theme to boot. Cannot WAIT to make this "pop". This will finally be me being able to show ME and my talents without a fucking CAR being the foundation.