4:03 PM, Friday, January 1st, 2021:
And here's how the Kontras Family kicked off the new year...
So about the entry bar...
I'm really annoyed sunrises look Christian. Like, really fucking annoyed.... however - since the family is still quarantined I couldn't really do a new theme. So I kept with the quarantine theme and just added a faint ray of hope as by late summer I believe we will finally be able to act normally. And to us? That means being able to go to a restaurant, go to an event, get on a plane... granted some of that stuff will be with a mask for probably the whole year - but we should all be vaccinated and it will be more out of consideration for the feelings of others. Herd immunity seems like a difficult goal by late summer, but maybe a Biden Administration will know how to use the approriate pressure to make it a reality.
Which of course brings us to the only thing I'm thinking about as we start this year: how does this end. I don't even know what to root for anymore. Part of me wants to see him keep getting worse until something awful DOES happen and it stains him forever... but could it? If his supporters kidnap governors or kill Senators... does it really hurt him? He's a cult leader. He's painted others as literal enemies... so, how could them doing what he's basically asking for... hurt him? It can't.
I'm just uneasy about the fact that he hasn't tempered ANY of this shit. I knew he'd be full-on conspiracy nut until the electors voted, but I figured after 12/14 he'd understand the next BEST move is to announce 2024, refuse to concede, and hold some crazy event on Inauguration Day just to be a fucking petty prick. I guess he could still do that. I guess Inauguration Day would be the moment to do it.
Anyway, I don't want to talk about him anymore and am looking forward to a politics free year after 1/20. I really am going to disengage. I've already made a separate Adam Kontras page on Facebook and paring down my "friends" on my personal page. I'm done engaging. I needed him out. Once he's out, I don't care. Of course they'll be awful to Biden and block him. I don't have the energy to be worked up anymore.
As for what this year holds personally? I'll do an announcement entry next as I've figured out the next couple of projects I'm doing and am ready to get working on them. For now I try to stay calm and pray that he somehow finds an exit that keeps people calm, but undortunately? His insistence that this was rigged is making this so much worse. No, strike that, rigged is one thing: his insistence that there's a way to CHANGE the outcome now? THAT is the problem. He's bottled up all of their angst acting like something magical is supposed to happen on 1/6 and when it doesn't? What, are they just going to accept it?
This is inflaming a legitimate civil war and everyone thinks I'm exagerrating. I'll say this - if these fuckers don't do anything NOW? Then, they never will. They're ALLLLLLLLL talk.
Time will tell.