Entry #2097
3:37 PM - December 26th, 2020
Christmas Video Here:
I don't know when I'll get that fucker done, but know this - my intention is to make my own version of "I Pray on Christmas" (my version being "It's Finally Christmas") with my new keyboard. So if you didn't hear that? I was so behind that I just had to get that fucker done so I could move on. Considering how impossible it is to work on shit when those kids aren't in school, I say it's a coin-flip.
It also sucks because I can't keep my keyboard set-up 24-7 because there's just no room. It's an ordeal to get everything ready to go which is why I'm starting to think it isn't just a coin-flip. Ha.
So Christmas was wonderful and much like the other years. A massive exhale because, whew, we did it. I don't know if all parents go through this, but the yearning to make it a memorable Christmas is so great it's exhausting. And as they get older, it's harder to do. They don't neccessarily have big things they're dreaming of getting so often the gifts are something we know they'll appreciate down the road... which means the reaction will be lacking.
I guess what I'm saying is the kids are not really kids - they really feel like little people now. They're not to that awful pre-teen stage, so they do actually like us, but it ain't 3 and 4. Those were some precious Christmas mornings.
Glad I documented that...