Entry #2096
12:01 AM - December 25th, 2020
Well you can actually read this now... so do I take that into account or do I presume you don't find this until you're older?
Hmmm. Nah, I'll just write...
So 6 and 7 are pretty similar now that I reread last year's entry. Of course the quarantine is what I think of most and man... you're really doing an amazing job considering the amount of energy you have to deal with while sitting in Zoom school. Once we told you to just treat it like a job? You kicked all sorts of butt.
(Quick aside to readers: Cam hated Zooms with a passion and couldn't get over it so we told him that if he treated school like a job, the moment he was finished with all his work he could do anything he wanted. And yes, that meant no limits on games - which he's always had. Oh he heard that shit. From that moment on, that fucker gets up, wipes the sleep out of his eyes and immediately starts work on whatever he can an hour BEFORE Zooms start. Then works through every break and knocks everything out... usually before 1pm. It's pretty impressive.)
And yes, we will remember 2020 as a fun year because we spent so much time together, but make no mistake: this was a hard year. 6 and 7 year olds shouldn't be thinking about killer viruses or being afraid of getting to close to people. That's really rough and I'm so sorry you've been faced with this at such a young age... but in the long run? You'll be stronger for it.
Alright - here's to a MUCH BETTER 8th year of your life! Congrats on completing 7 years!!!