Entry #2094
9:45 PM - December 16th, 2020
So here's a story...
An entertainment production company contacts me wanting to surprise their CEO with the Time Machine and give him a ride. I explain that because of COVID, that's not gonna happen. We can bring the car and the company can have fun taking pictures or whatever, but no one can be in the car with me. Even better? They could just come to GolfKon. Even have a little outdoor party, etc. I don't have to be near them for that.
I figure I'll never hear from them again.
Then he calls back and says his boss now wants to go ALL OUT and not only wants the party at GolfKon but is interested in the Goldie Package to which I say: "Don will be wearing a mask too... how would you even take pictures?"
"What if we had PCR tests the night before for every single attendee and require 100% COVID-FREE to even come into the backyard." Ends up this dude is a COVID compliance officer hired on-set to make sure peeps are cool. He knows this world well.
Well now we have something. With Don, his significant other, me, Talya plus the 17 employees? That's a nearly $4000 cost just to feel normal for one night. Throw in my fees, Don, catering... JEEEEZUS.
So I talked it over with Talya and we felt safe. The two takeaways for us was we get to get a test which we would never have done otherwise since we've maintained our human quarantine for NINE MONTHS and I was honestly kind of bummed that in this COVID era I would never get to take that awful test. Kinda just want to experience it. And the biggest takeaway? We get one night where we party like it's 2019. I'm getting every test result and I get to check them all. Once in? We get to feel human again.
So the tests...
My lifelong issues with my sinuses certainly flared up. They're constantly inflamed. It's just kind of how it's always been. Must be some sort of allergy issue, who knows, but my left ear still hurts several hours later from that test. Imagine red, inflamed sensitive tissue and THEN swirling that q-tip up there. Fuck. I bet it hurts for days. But it's done. No concern whatsoever about the results. That's one nice advantage to how insane we've been.
But this still kind of feels like an unnecessary risk. It's a ton of money, but I could technically make that without ever leaving my house. The problem comes when people are there 4 hours (which they paid for) they will need to come in the house to use the bathroom. So we're pretty involved either way.
Then again, this just goes to show if you're spending NBA money you can have some normalcy. Were basically just creating a one night quaranteam. One that ceases to exist the moment they leave. Weird, right?
Alright - here we go. What will tomorrow bring...