Entry #2093
6:44 PM - December 15th, 2020
Seemed like the right year to pull the trigger on this...
So the Camry truly hasn't been used in several years. A broken battery tray constantly ended up shorting the battery and popping fuses and I never properly attempted to fix it because the car would honestly only run when I moved it to the street because I had a gig. It honestly served as theft prevention as it blocked The Delorean in and this entire year it hasn't even run because of that shorting issue which means my ass had to PUSH IT TO THE STREET (and the trailer) and then back into the driveway for every gig.
It became tiresome.
The other issue is that now that we have a new car for the family that isn't CAPABLE of towing the Delorean? The Camry is rendered completely worthless. I will need to get a new truck eventually whenever the time comes that I need to tow the Delorean. I presume that'll be late next year at the earliest. In the meantime I've been stuck physically pushing this dead weight for no reason. The trailer also is of little value as anything big I would need to transport a good truck would do that as well.
So here we are. I gave my neighbor a good deal for both and as you saw in the video he had to pick it up on the street. Easy fix, but now someone else's headache.
I suppose I'm sad, but it's honestly just impressive I kept it for so long past it's usefulness. Here's to ending the era officially.