Entry #2091
4:02 PM - November 29th, 2020
So while we usually have Karen's family over, we've had a couple Thanksgivings that really was just the 5 of us which meant? Thanksgiving 2020 was nearly identical to past Thanksgivings. How nice, right?
Goddamn I love my family. This year is ending on such a good note. It should also be noted that I'm not dieting and I'm just being lazy as fuck and enjoying EVERY GODDAMNED MOMENT. I can lose it when I want to. Which will be January.
For right now it's all the joys of Christmas and movies and food and drink and just being happy as fuck. Goddamn I'm happy. LOL.
I watched Meeting Michael at the GolfKon bar just to see if it would work and got sucked in and watched the entire thing. It was so nice to have a movie of mine that doesn't make me sick to my goddamn stomach to watch. I think it's a new Thanksgiving tradition for me. I adore the movie. And people are watching! Facbook ads work!

YAYAYAYAY! So what happens in December?