Entry #2090
12:01 PM - November 25th, 2020
Man, I love this interview. I rewatched the whole thing before typng this up and I like this Adam dude. He's really down to earth and I feel like I could be friends with him...
I know I sound arrogant as fuck, but ya gotta know that my brain is broken up into like 10 pieces. I compartmentalize everything and the guy typing this doesn't necessarily see himself as the person in this video. When I'm watching his interview I almost feel like it's someone else and I legitmately can critique that person. Ya know, like thinking "jesus fucking christ adam you drank the equivalent of 3 shots in that interview."
Seriously, when I know I'm talking about Fastest Delorean? I have to be holding whiskey. That shit wrecks me. Anyway - here's the interview, more about Jeff after...
So Jeff contacted me about Fastest Delorean as I state in the interview and besides his livestreaming of a reaction, I was actually taken aback with how quick witted he was. Smart dude, fast, and a great conversationalist. I was immediately attracted to the idea of talking with him within just a handful of texts. That's super-rare. Chemistry is a hard thing to define, but we had it and HE has it. When this whole COVID thing is over, I wanna do an interview with him at the GolfKon Bar.
Good dude. Good promotion and here's hoping this free weekend can get my review count up!