Entry #2089
5:47 PM - November 19th, 2020
When Sony called me, I did not know who they were talking about. I only cared about the logistics and did remember after I hung up when they said "Nas" and "Holiday"...
...so I googled that and realized this was that "Old Town Road" dude who had the biggest #1 hit in the HISTORY OF FUCKING EVER and my jaw did indeed drop. And here was the day that was...
This kid was so nice. I mean, they yelled action and he sat in the car shooting the time circuits for so long I finally said "uh, dude are you gonna go?" to which he replies: "I'm just taking it all in... I can't believe I'm here."
A multi-millionaire at the top of his fame is still a kid who is excited about being in the time machine of his favorite movie. So sweet, so kind, just the opposite of every HUGE celebrity I've ever known. Most are "nice", but this was different. He had no ego. I mean, almost to a detriment it seemed like he was... shy? It was cool.
And quick aside - when I finally did get around to watching "Old Town Road" and seeing the hysteria around how big that song was I couldn't help but LOVE the dude. A black gay cowboy in PINK taking over the country charts as well as everything else?
Oh fuck yeah... I love that shit. It's like he tricked a whole section of our country into liking his song before they knew that shit and then after they loved him was like "I'M SUPER THANKS FOR ASKING!!!"
And those good ol' boys were like WHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAT? HAHAHAHAHA. Best shit ever.
Anyway - dude's awesome. Cannot say enough nice things about him and it was a fun little bit to do with him. And yeah, RentTheDelorean.com is now busier than ever. In fact, November 2020 will be busier than any November we've ever had in the history of the business.
<throws hands up>
I guess people want a time machine more than ever these days...