Entry #2088
10:32 PM - November 9th, 2020
Today is the day!!!!
And with that, Meeting Michael is live on Amazon Prime. I can finally put a button on this story that has remained largely hidden for much of my life. But this is kind of cool:
You start to realize just how gargantuan this project is on days like today. So that's from the WTVN section that although I put it together AFTER the start of The Journey in January 2000, it was absolutely from a journal I kept during the time. So I just made weekly entry bars and put them in Journey form. So it looks and reads exactly like The Journey. The only real difference being I truly never thought of anyone else reading it and it's WAY more disjointed because they're personal notes to myself.
That being said, a quarter century later it's amazing we're sitting here today and it's now a feature length film. It's funny that in 1995 if I found out it wasn't in theaters and wasn't even on VHS I'd be so goddamned confused. Welcome to the new world, right?
For today's video however, I'm gonna do something special. I'm gonna link to the reviewer copy so longtime Journey readers/viewers so they can save a couple bucks. Please try and watch this on a smart TV though. Ya gotta go to YouTube and manually write in the end of the link:
I think you can just search for _By8KU7TjBM and it will come up as it's unlisted, but available...
This is just one of those things I don't care about making money off of. Fuck, I honestly don't care about the money aspect of ANY of these movies I just want the story out there. But, yes, if you like it, I would appreciate the $. It goes to feeding my literal children...
Anyway - super proud moment and just a wonderful thing to be able to have documented. Feelin' super-lucky these days...