Entry #2087
9:19 PM - November 7th, 2020
Oh what a beatuiful day...
I truly think we'll celebrate 11/7 annually for years to come as a family. The relief was actually bigger than I thought it would be considering I already knew the outcome days before. Talya and I repeatedly cried, then laughed... all day. We'd see a video and cry (Kamala calling Joe particularly kicked her ass) and Van Jones WRECKED me. I mean, literally everything I have felt as a parent in one segment. I just wept. I do not understand how ANY parent didn't feel relief because of the exact same thing. The literal foundation of what we teach our children was combatted by Trump. Are there parents out there that felt the opposite? That bullying is OK? Like, I get the whole "make liberals cry" feeling (because I certainly enjoy what's happening to Trumpers right now) but at no point would I want Biden to act like Trump. He's the president, not some dipshit on social media.

Very strange time.

But today! OH DID WE CELEBRATE. What a beautiful day. The video will go here:
...donuts and a double rainbow. There's your entry title.
I am not one to believe in magical natural occurences happening because of something else - but I do know that when you document everything? Things align sometimes in seemingly magical ways. Rain in LA for our family is a magical thing. It had been SO LONG. So that was amazing... and then the double rainbow? And the time machine and oh man - every emotion. AND DONUTS?!?! AHHHH.
Just such a wonderful day - the kids are so happy, I am so emotional and I know shit's about to get really bad... but for one day it all felt better. There's light at the end. It's far away right now. But the news that the vaccines are 95% effective + Trump leaving? Means we stay. 95% effective basically means the anti-vaxxers can't hurt us. I was scared it would be 60-70% effective which means we'd need over 90% of the population to get it. 95% effective means we can be quite safe with 70-75% getting it and at 80% getting it we can all but eradicate it. Never would've dreamed in the summer it could be that effective. The kids get to go back to school next fall. We get to stay.
I'm overjoyed. Best ending to 2020 ever. Now, how can Trump steal it? Comes down to those electors and he will do everything in his power to get what looks like 37 electors to refuse to vote to get Biden under 270. That's a lot. But this is going to be an all-out attack like we've never seen. We have to depend on local Republican officials being honorable.
Whew. Come onnnnnnn democracy. Let's do this.