Entry #2086
10:10 PM - November 5th, 2020
This murderous fuck...
People, are going, to die. JESUS. Let me catch you up on the past two days for me...
So election night was not fun. I was fucking wrong. It felt exactly like 2016 and I actually attempted to go to bed at 11:24pm. I laid down for 5 minutes and then was struck with the urge to get up and watch the count closely in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. I not only stayed up all night, but the entire following day until laast night. The cool thing about it was, I saw around 4am on election night, that Biden would be then next president. In fact it makes little sense as to why they didn't call it yesterday or today. There is no path forward. He at LEAST gets to 270 - and could very well get to 306. But what is absolutely clear is that it's over. No idea why the media feels the need to wait, but it's not going to change the outcome, so be patient. I'm assuming they call it on Monday.
What it allows however is this fucking lunatic to do what he just did: claim he won and that it's somehow rigged. So he will now spend the rest of this month and into December delaying the count with lawsuits and muddy the water so much that these states can't send electors to vote 12/14. Remember, Trump does NOT need to get to 270 - he simply needs to keep Biden from getting there and then he wins it in the house where each state gets one vote. Shitty loophole, but that's his goal.
And as long as the AP or other outlets refrain from calling it? The more legitimacy his action take. ACTIONS HE TOLD US HE WAS GOING TO DO. He telegraphed this. These fucking Republicans that kept vote counters from counting mail-in ballots UNTIL election day? They caused this. Because of course Trump is leading the in-person vote count because his people DON'T BELIEVE IN THE PANDEMIC. The mail-in votes will favor Biden nearly 5-1! This is why I knew he won at 4am on election night. It's why the betting markets knew, as well. Ya wanna trust anything? Trust the gamblers. Look at this from 4:19 AM PST:
This is frankly why I was suprised Trump didn't do this INSANE speech on election night when he could've been much more believable. By the time he woke up the following morning? It was over. Now, it was only over to the number nerds like me watching vote counts and refreshing 10 pages every 30 seconds but it was clear. It was amazing watching that happen overnight in real-time. And it 100% had to do with how the mail-in ballots were breaking SO HEAVY for Biden. Like 90-10 in some cases. Which is exactly how Trump SET IT UP. Tells his base that mail-in ballots aren't reliable and the pandemic is no big deal... then you make it so you can't count the mail-in ballots until the day of so it takes literal DAYS.
So no what? They're gonna bomb those counting buildings. Because now counting votes means Biden's leads get bigger. The only way to stop it is to stop the count. I think some random crazy dude is just gonna shoot the counters or blow up the buildings or just simply intimidate those poor local workers just doing their fucking job. Fuck.
We're in unchartered territory right now. What Trump just did is the most dangerous thing I've ever seen a president do.
Hold onto your butts.