Entry #2085
11:07 AM - November 3rd, 2020
I have so much in my head right now I just need to type...
This can't be close. I know people are saying we won't know by tonight, but it really feels like they're just trying to be cautious. Like they weighted all the polls too much for non-educated voters or whatever - the polls can be wrong in the OTHER direction, too? How is this not a Reagan/Mondale 1984 landslide? I mean it won't be... but How does Biden not win EVERY SWING STATE? How does he not also grab Texas? Like... if not now, when? I cannot understand, especially after this year, how this is NOT OBVIOUS by 11pm EST/8pm PST. FUCK.
So yeah, this morning, waiting for polls to start closing in a couple hours - that is my gut feeling. Even knowing the gut punch I took in 2016, I think Biden wins this and wins it easily. And Trump then starts suing to get mail-in ballots thrown out, but there's so many states that would have to flip that it's completely worthless and impossible todo. He still doesnt concede, he still sparks violence and he ends the year announcing a 2024 run (just to make money) and pardons a bunch of people including himself (or resigns and has Pence do it)... ugh, I can get into his end-game later.
But I just don't see him winning these states he barely pulled off in 2016. Wisconsin? During the spike in cases they're seeing? Really? They're gonna vote Trump AGAIN? HOW? Now that this shit is hitting the red-states? How? How does Ohio vote Trump? Pennsylvania, Michigan... those states are getting SLAMMED.... I just really believe this isn't going to be close. And I'm honestly not even anxious about it. I mean, I will be tonight? But I just think this isn't close.
There's never been political headwinds like this for an incumbent president... ever. Like this is crazy. So, we'll see.
No idea what the video should be, but since Meeting Michael is coming out next week the whole family sat down to watch it and it was a pretty wonderful moment for me to sit back and have them feel the whole story.
I'm so proud of the movie. It's honestly the best little quarantine film I could've made. What a wonderful cap to 2020 - FUCKING CHRIST LET TRUMP LOSE MY GODDDDDDDDDDDD.

Ahem. He will. I know it. The next entry I write we will know.