Entry #2084
10:50 AM - November 2nd, 2020
Oh we knocked THIS shit out...
There are few times we pat ourselves on the back for being good parents because, duh, it's your fucking job. You're supposed to be...
...but we kinda one-upped Halloween and made it more fun for them. In 2020. Like... our kids are going to look back on 2020 and think it was the greatest year of their lives because it kind of is. Ya know? They're LOVING THIS SHIT. They have NO idea how much stress their parents are under knowing that what happens FUCKING TOMORROW might make us leave the goddamned country...
...dude he can't win. It can't be close. These polls have to be wrong to even have Biden winning handily - how is this not a blowout? How can fucking disinformation work THIS WELL?
Anyway - great night. Kids loved it. And then of course we got to play MULTI-PLAYER Mario Kart Live! Goddamn that game is straight-up fucking magic. Need to make a killer course and make a video because it's an absolute WONDER.
Happy halloween. I cannot believe election day is tomorrow. Fuck.Barf.Fuck.