Entry #2083
9:34 AM - November 1st, 2020
The timing of this heaviness with the election seems appropriate...
We ended the night with a Halloween Hunt that ROCKED (next entry) but yeah... I have to capture the moment here...
FUCKING HELL this was avoidable. I always say this when talking about the situation in 2020: natural disasters and things out of a president's control is THE GREATEST RE-ELECTION GIFT EVER. Hurricane Sandy in 2012? All Obama had to do was what EVERY FUCKING PRESIDENT has ever done and he scored political points. Now, he didn't do that for politics, he did it because it's just what you do as president, but I'm certain he was aware of the optics.
In our lifetimes (other than Bush/Katrina which was simply 3 days of incompetence) no president or administration has FIRED the people who could've warned us earlier, then denied the warning publicly for months and CONTINUED TO DOWNPLAY THE SEVERITY repeatedly. Half the country thinks this is fake. I was at a party last night that proved it - in THE BLUEST STATE EVER. What Trump has done has hurt us so much and he was given a POLITICAL GIFT. He would have SAILED to re-election if he had just listened to the scientists. How bizarre.
And yeah, you stole a year from my family. More than that you made my kids have to grow up really fucking fast too goddamned early. My son is scared to death of people when he's outside masked and jumps back like they're gonna inadvertently kill him because he can't understand the concept of how viruses sread BECAUSE HE'S SIX.

Also, I should add that them being maskless in the video was because not only was there no one around? But everything was CLOSED. We should not have been walking because EVERYONE was driving. It was wild. So I let them "RAW-DOG SOME OXYGEN" and feel normal for a bit because everyone else was in their cars. Raw-dog oxygen is the funniest term ever. LMAO. I read that and was so bummed I didn't invent it. LMAO. So true man. How much do we miss raw-dogging oxygen in public, right? LMAO.
Alright... the seriousness is now lifted - we can move on.
What a time to be alive...