Entry #2082
10:24 PM - October 31st, 2020
These fucking people...
It's astounding to me. I know I said this would happen earlier this month because of Trump's example... but what the FUCK. All of these people? 25+ families? IN LOS ANGELES? They ALLLLL think this is cool? We are now at 100,000 cases a day even earlier than I predicted and the deaths are coming. No one is listening and the triple hit of Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas is gonna knock us the fuck out.
I am very lucky though, I can still do my job hiding in a tent or sitting on the sidewalk doing nothing. My job is delivering the car at which point I can just run away and wait. Which is exactly what I did. And honestly until this gig - it's never been strange. I literally had someone ask me why I was wearing a mask outside today.
As if they're only necessary indoors. The unbelievable lack of understanding about statistics is honestly mind-boggling. Sure you're far safer outside than inside. But you're also far safer outside/masked/socially distant. It's the motherfucking trifecta! WHY RISK IT.

AND GODDAMNIT, IT'S HALLOWEEN. How the fuck did all these kids choose halloween outfits WITH NO MASKS. When I was a kid, that's all you fucking had was some shitty costume with a mask. What a perfect holiday for a pandemic!
We all just have to accept what's coming here November-February. A fucking shitshow. And goddamnit when Trump loses? Oh jesus people are gonna lose it. He's already setting up the con about mail-in ballots because he knows his ass is gonna lose and he's gonna claim it's rigged and people are gonna storm capitol buildings. Mother of fuck, hold on tight everyone.
Anyway - lots more shit happened today that will get their own entries rather than lumping it all into one this year. Lots of entries coming daily because HERE, WE, GO.