Entry #2081
12:33 PM - October 28th, 2020
WHEW. I DID IT! Made the deadline...
Very happy with it. It's a very heartwarming story that I think I'll enjoy watching repeatedly in the years to come. It also CEMENTS our children during this time frame better than anything because you really feel like you know them. There's no conflict, no stress... just a beautiful story with an emotional and heartwarming end.
I think it does fill one void that "The Last Dance" had: magic. It's not the fault of "The Last Dance", if I had access to that footage you'd have no choice - that much footage humanizes anyone. But because "Meeting Michael" is shown through the eyes of a fan? It will remind people what it was like to believe in heroes.
Alright, not much more to say... just glad I pulled it off and delivered it to the distributor!