Entry #2080
3:53 PM - October 19th, 2020
Oh 2020, how you have changed us forever...
As I said in the video... everything's just a little more disappointing in 2020. But it makes for a helluva chapter...
Of course the biggest takeaway is the kids hadn't WALKED ON A SIDEWALK in over 7 months and we immediately felt like awful parents. They were thrilled to be on Ventura Blvd. and we just walked around the block like the greatest adventure of all-time. We're not kidding when we say they've only been at home or at Oma's house this entire time. Oh and that tent in the middle of fucking nowhere when we went camping. Full isolation. I guess will go on more walks now, but honestly so many idiots without masks that you have to walk AWAY from is just stressful. People don't take this seriously and it's hardly worth it sometimes... ugh.
And of course it was 10 years ago, today. There's finally some actual weight of TIME. Single-digits always felt minimal, it'll be double-digits from now on. I like that.
I love you Talya, I love our life, I love our choices and it seems silly to write it because it just IS. Ya know? I remember before I was... hmmm, gotta be careful here... let's just say before - but there was this idea that keeping a happy relationship was a constant concern and care for your partner. Cards and flowers and candy and gifts and constant showing of appreciation... and for us anyway? It doesn't work like that. Simple awareness of your partner and knowing what they're going through and feeling and communicating is pretty much it. You're a unit going through life and you're simply there and available and loving. We don't even think about it. And no, we don't give each other gifts... we have everything we need and if we need anything we get it. We give each other, uhm, other gifts as much as possible. LMFAO. But we just love each other and try and be there for each other. And scene. Is that weird?

I guess. Sounds lucky to me.

Love you,