Entry #2078
9:32 PM - October 11th, 2020
It's so weird for these playoffs to be intertwined with me making Meeting Michael. It shouldn't be. It should just be cool, but because this INSANE Lebron vs Jordan debate rages ad infinitum it almost feels like I'm cheating by loving Lebron. It annoys me. He's fucking awesome. More on that later... here's us celebrating...
...celebrating what has to be the hardest championship ever. To work all year for home court advantage, then have Kobe die and have the weight of the world on you? THEN COVID and the complete ERASURE of home court advantage!??!?! Play the games in a some fucking gym in Orlando? WHAAAAT? Isolated from your family for 90+ days? Lebron is impervious to pressure. I've never seen anything like it. He's Obama. He's the Obama of basketball players. Nothing phases him. He just keeps kicking ass. No one has been this good, this long. No other player could go to ANY TEAM and take them to the championship this quickly. THREE TEAMS, THREE TIMES. I mean GODDAMN.
Anyway - I think I'll love this playoff run more than any of my lifetime because we were in quarantine too. After an unbelievably difficult year? We got to be happy. We won the chip. I got to cheer and just feel normal again. And it's feasible Trump loses and we survive 2020 and we aren't forced to move to another fucking country. 2020 could be one of the best years.
Thank you to Lebron for coming here and providing some joy to a fanbase that had been pretty joyless for a bit. And to do it with the death of Kobe on your shoulders... jeeeeeeeeeeeezus. Jeeeeeeeeeeeezus.
Congrats Lake Show.