Entry #2077
10:16 PM - October 9th, 2020
GODDAMNIT LAKERS. Ya could've done it... oh well, they'll get it on Sunday and get their own entry. Here was the day that was...
Kinda cool to vote on your birthday. And, man, as much as I like voting in person? Having all the time you want to go over your ballot and look shit up and then dropping it off whenever you want? Yeah, uhm, that's probably the rest of my life right there. Wow. How easy was that.
Then steak and Lagavulin? Watching "Lost in Translation" with Talya? Pretty good 45 there, folks.
IN THE ONLY GODDAMN YEAR that it could POSSIBLY happen on my birthday in my entire life.

Ahem. There's footage of them not winning and I'm embarrassed to show it 'cause I scared everyone. LMAO.
Sunday. It'll happen Sunday. And tomorrow?!!? WE SHOOT MEETING MICHAEL!!!!! So excited to finally shoot. Today also marked the end of me eating at or below my move points. 81 straight days. 38 pounds lost. Not bad.