Entry #2076
8:56 PM - October 5th, 2020
This fucker does NOT look well.
It feels like the roided him up and he's gonna power through October like he's fighting for his life because if he loses he's going to jail anyway.
I sound like a crazy conspiracy-theorist, I know, but sometimes you're left with little else to go on.
And we'll watch all of this in front of cameras. Or will we? Does he just have access to better care and he'll get through it THIS EASY? WITH HIS CO-MORBIDITIES? I just don't know anymore...
And of course what this means for the virus? And how the country will treat it now that this old fat fuck seemingly BREEZED through it? Oh we're fucked. Oh we're super fucked. We're at 40,000 cases a day and although today was a low reporting day (427 deaths) we're averaging just under 1000 deaths a day. The president saying it's no big deal, THEN GETTING IT AND SAYING IT'S NO BIG DEAL? Oh fuck. A month from now cases will double. Two months from now daily deaths will double. And with Thanksgiving and Christmas? Oh fuck... January is going to be unreal. Like 200,000 cases a day and 3000-4000 daily deaths. It's why I said in the last entry that Trump dying from this would've saved thousands of lives. The one guy saying it's no big deal getting sick and looking "ok" throughout?
Really bad. I still think he's not out of the woods and the steroids are masking the actual damage, but only time will tell.
What a time to be alive.