Entry #2075
10:32 PM - October 1st, 2020
We had just gotten the kids to bed when I saw it on Facebook: Trump and Melania have it. I told Talya and we turned on the iPad and hit the news...
And there it is. The moment it was confirmed. Wow.

Now, of course the news all evening was that Hope Hicks had it and Trump and Melania would be quarantining because of that. I called bullshit immediately on Facebook:
"My best guess:
Trump tested positive on a fast test and they’re not announcing it until the blood test comes in. And even then they may not announce it. He’s quarantined now... and the rest of this month is up in the air.
And if he is incapacitated because he’s on a ventilator, Pence takes over. Could be a help for undecideds if they think Trump won’t be in charge.
There’s nothing good about this news. Not one month before the election."
And then added this:
Talking with Morris Will O'Kelly brings up the question of National Security and when you would tell the public the president had a deadly virus.
Not until you have to.
So it’s plausible he DOES have it, they use Hicks as cover for him being out of the public eye for two weeks to see if he can fight it. If he can’t, then they’ll have no choice but to have Pence take over temporarily until he beats it or of course, dies.
I’m finding it hard to believe he’s willing to self quarantine for 14 days simply because it’s the responsible thing to do when someone close to you gets COVID.
90 minutes after that he changes his story. What a stupid lie. And he must be sick if he's saying it now. Not asymptomatic. I cannot fathom they can hide all of that but they'll try.
So my thoughts are all over the place and it's split between political and documentarianism. I should just call this a religion at this point, but I've explained before (and is quite clear in The Journey) that I compartmentalize life from WAY in the future looking back. Everything is a chapter in a book (a month on The Journey) and when you look back on everything your perspective changes. So right off the bat? The idea that the story of 2020 ends with the death of a president who spread more disinformation than anyone on the planet needlessly confusing people and indirectly killing hundreds of thousands? Yeah that's good. That helps future generations. That helps people NOW! That keeps things CLOSED. That makes people take it seriously. So yes, I absolutely want him to die. I know of NO OTHER WAY people are going to understand this and when the NEXT virus hits? We need to be able to literally play a video of that stupid motherfucker downplaying it, LITERALLY MAKING FUN OF BIDEN AT THE DEBATES FOR WEARING A MASK, and then being postive 2 days later. That is clearly the best possible outcome for humankind.

And that's really all I give a fuck about. Now, politically? I'm scared. I'm scared that he's gonna die before the election (or be really sick) and Pence will be an option for people who don't like Trump. I don't like that. That sucks. I want TRUMP ON THE BALLOT. I want him to die from COVID on November 4th so he can't start a fucking civil war, not next week which throws everything into chaos. So I'm all sorts of anxious that this is going to be a problem. That being said, this ain't great for him politically too... clearly this is an embarrassment that you now can't walk back. I mean, 30 days out from the election he now has NO CHOICE but to quarantine for AT LEAST 14 days. And if he's really sick? Oh shit, he's done for the entire month. I mean, there's no hiding that. There's a very real chance we've heard the last words from Trump...
...there's also the chance (and a 95% chance at that even with him being obese and old) he's fine and comes out in two weeks saying it's just like the flu and no big deal. Which would be disastrous for the country. Oh Jesus... it would FLING OPEN the doors of malls all over the place as holiday shopping takes over and we're seeing 3,000 deaths a DAY. Oh fuck that scares me.

Again, this is why I want the man to be REALLY REALLY SICK and/or die. It ain't political, man. That's the documentarian in me trying to find a solution that will help ourspecies for the next 50 years. He could literally be the greatest history lesson of all-time...

...or he could come off unscathed, be fine, and we're even worse off than we were before.

Time to wait and see. Jesus, what a time to really have to bear down and finish the Meeting Michael edit and NOT watch the news.

<throws hands up>
PS - I guess it should be noted that half my timeline is people thinking this is fake. It isn't fake. If you know politics, you know that this ain't fake. You don't go from mocking Biden for his use of masks to getting the virus 48 hours later. I could see the sympathy play maybe a few months ago? But not in October. This is not the surprise they wanted.