Entry #2074
8:45 aM - September 28th, 2020
Dear Vienna,
Just thinking abou this first sentence now makes me emotional. Probably an emotion you don't quite understand yet, but then again - you probably do. You are every bit as mature and intelligent and observant and considerate as anyone twice your age. <---that was a run-on sentence.
So lately we've started this game where you ask as many questions as you possibly can and I answer them as honestly as I possibly can and it has taken us to some pretty crazy places. My wish is that it continues for the rest of our lives together. I cannot begin to tell you the advantage in life you will have if you ask questions! Especially to the two people who care most about you and who will always be the most honest with you. We have never lied to you (well, you did think Doc and Marty gave us the time machine when you were 3 and we had no choice but to say they did or else you would've thought that we stole it- lol) and the questions you're going to run into very soon will be quite grey. However... we tell you that too. We also tell you when we don't know and why we don't know.
It's how I've always been, it's how your mom has been since she's been with me and it's how I hope you and Cameron will be. The amount of heartache you will avoid (not all, of course) by being honest immediately, even when inconvenient, simply cannot be quantified in words. You will not always be able to do it, but just keep trying and keep holding yourself to that standard when in a tough place.

Rereading this, little of it will make sense now because your options (especially this year - lol) are pretty limited. But as you get more and more freedom you will find all of this barreling toward you. You have a great foundation for those moments!

And your questions, and your creativity and your general energy to just do ANYTHING is, pardon my French, fucking amazing. You just GO. You just GOGOGOGOGOGO. You're making books, making full series of books, you're reading non-stop, you're building and making and writing and... it's hard to wrap my head around. I had several of those traits, but if memory serves, it was when I was around 12 or 13. About the time my dad helped me make the first Jordan video. You're there early and I'm thrilled you have access to the tools to do this so young!

Of course I'm also thrilled about what's going to happen in a couple weeks: shooting the documentary with you and your brother. I am very anxious about that as it's the first time you're going to be judged by me and that sucks, but something tells me we're going to create something very heartwarming and fun. I can't wait.

And, that's the motto of every day of our lives together: I can't wait! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next and watch you create something new and inventive. You're absolutely amazing.

I love you love you love you.