Entry #2073
3:42 PM - September 27th, 2020
I'll write this like a parent for just a moment...
...this shit is heartbreaking. By now, nearly every parent has gone through this. We were able to fake it with Cameron because we were able to get his ONE favorite best friends to come over and it was the only contact he's had with a kid other than Vienna since this all started. With Vienna, our Quaranteam has been visiting family for a couple months and they're the only people we trusted so we were left with Zoom.

Now I brought it up on our big theater screen and it really was pretty cool. We've repeatedly said to both kids - 2020 is gonna be crazy. Everything will be different, but you'll never forget it and next year will be back to normal...
...and if it isn't? We're moving to Canada. Straight up. We're moving to wherever we can for some semblance of normalcy for the remainder of our children's childhood. Everyone understands and that sort of honesty is what makes these depressing moments kind of fun. It's cool to do a zoom party once. That shit ain't gonna be cool next year. We've provided an environment for these kids where they think 2020 is this grand adventure and we're having the best time and everyone else is having a crappy time because they don't have our house and our videogames and our headsets and our minigolf course, etc. I mean, it's a little smoke and mirrors (except for the minigolf part, but they never play that - lol), but the bottom line is? They feel good. They aren't depressed and are having a ball.
No, all of that depression and processing and compartmentalizing stays with me and Talya. As it does with all parents. In fact we probably share more with our kids than most. Vienna is starting to grasp the magnitude of what's happening and you can see her thinking a bunch. She asks a million questions and already has a pretty good dose of anxiety built in about everything... but as is usually the case - being honest does wonders. We help her lean into her anxiety when it's warranted, we're supportive and continue to hand her logic when it's unwarranted... but it's just in her to internalize, overthink, worry and try to process the world in a way that make sense.

Cam just really wants Mario 3D World to come out on February 12th, 2021.
So it actually was pretty awesome to have the zoom party work out so well and I sincerely hope we never have to do that shit again.