Entry #2072
1:29 PM - September 22nd, 2020
I was compelled to write this on Facebook defending ROMNEY of all fucking people...
"Why on earth should Romney have abstained from voting on the nominee? He would’ve voted on Merrick Garland if he were in the Senate and had it was brought to a vote. What sense does it make for him not to vote now?
McConell knew what the vote would be in 2016 and never brought it to the floor. Massive political risk and it paid off. He is the sole reason there will be a 6-3 conservative court now. You chose to stay home because voting doesn’t matter and “they’re all the same.” McConnell was simply smart enough to bet on your apathy.
And ya know how many people won’t vote this year? 100,000,000. One hundred million of you. My page is filled with people demanding you call your senators and whine about how unfair this is. Stop. It couldn’t BE more fair. RBG was 83 and already had a bout with cancer on election night 2016. You didn’t care.
A woman was literally the nominee... you didn’t care.
And to those who understood what was at stake: your country isn’t your country anymore. You should not have to explain Trump to anyone. The most obvious villain ever imagined. Save your breath, save your money, and look into other options. Let the USA be the USA. It’s not giving up, what you think you’re fighting for doesn’t exist."
So fucking done with the left wing... so tired of the outrage from the very people that didn't vote for Hillary because SHE WAS THE SAME AS TRUMP.
Fuck you fuck you fuck you. I literally hate you more than Trump supporters. Because they're at least BLACK. I mean, in the black vs. white good guy/bad guy analogy. They're decidedly NOT black otherwise - LOL.
But no, these grey fucking social justice warriors that demand purity and also REFUSE TO UNDERSTAND HOW GOVERNMENTS WORK. Like they just skipped out on school that day and think it's all run by the president and don't give two fucks about The Supreme Court or just exactly what the government has provided the past 30 years. Well, they're gonna find out.
To be honest, without RBG dying they JUST might have avoided the real pain of their apathy and made the same mistake again in 4 years. Now? Oh now you're not gonna miss it. You're ALL gonna be walking pre-existing conditions thanks to COVID and you're health insurance will be ERASED next summer. And it makes NO DIFFERENCE IF YOU VOTE NOW, the vote was in 2016. You let an OCTO-FUCKING-GENARIAN wither away on the Supreme Court when you could've allowed Hillary to replace her. Also, a little fuck you to RBG for being 80 during Obama's term and not retiring. You very well may have just erased your own legacy by that arrogant move.
But again, this will now hurt. Gay marriage: gone. Gay rights: gone. Women's rights: GONE. And will be gone for 20+ years. Unattainable no matter who you vote for. Because, ick, Hillary? I heard Bill Clinton is a pedophile. Ick.
Fuck you. Boy did you make a move to Vancouver a lot fucking easier. Or maybe Toronto now because air quality on the west coast may be FUBAR'D FOREVER (THANKS GOP). Until the US truly becomes a 3rd World Country the whole planet is going to have to deal with how fucking stupid they are no matter where you live. Unreal.
But again, these "CALL YOUR SENATORS - NO RBG REPLACEMENT!" Oh fucking shut up. You made this. Lean into it. It's your fucking fault. And even if Biden is in? He'll be a band-aid. We've fucked our government so much the helpers CANNOT HELP. Because propaganda will defeat them before they get the chance.
And 100 million of you still, won't, vote. I don't want to hear your whining. I don't want to hear your sudden concern. The Susan Sarandons of the left suddenly screaming that the sky is falling: you did this. Fuck you.
And stop saying oh their protest vote didn't matter in California... like when they go on PRESS TOURS about how awful Hillary is, people in battleground states don't have TVs.
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. I hope the reality of this hurts like hell.