Entry #2071
7:15 PM - September 12th, 2020
So the all encompassing project that is Meeting Michael takes us up and away...
...to the attic:
Maybe it's being a chld of the 80s, but an attic in the movies adds this incredible feeling of "unknown discoveries". From the Goonies to... well shit, now my mind is blank... but I can see the scenes in my mind: it's a perfect plot device for finding old shit and telling stories.
So it was pretty clear that the way to tell my 25 year old story was for the kids to find pieces of that story in the attic and start asking questions. Realize, when I bought this house there was no attic. I had to cut tiny pieces of plywood and piece together a floor in preperation for kids. It took a long time...
...and of course in the 8 years since I did that it has become FILLED. And although we do try to throw stuff out, it is most assuredly not a liveable space... or even a "hang outable" space. But for this movie? It needs to be. I need to turn the attic into a place where it looks like the only thing I store is my old Jordan memorabilia and a couple old videogame consoles. That's fucking hard. And it requires so much work. Relabeling old tapes, that 25 years of heat and cold detroyed. Basically immersing myself in 1995 and what it felt like to be a fan of Jordan. Since I'm also writing the script to piece together this story - I'm kind of seeing everything through my kid's eyes and it's been exciting. The crazy thing is? The kids have NEVER seen the attic. Never been up there (we don't presently have a ladder, I balance on a step ladder dangerously), never even seen a picture. So when you see them onscreen for the first time seeing the attic? That's the first time they've ever seen it. They will THINK I've been hiding the coolest place in the house their whole life when in fact it's ALL made up just for the movie and will ALL be torn down AFTER the movie so we can properly store everything. If I want these momentos to last another 25 years they gotta go back in plastic and stored properly.
But for one moment... it will all be up throughout an attic as the kids rummage through and find pieces of my life. I'm extremely excited to tell the story of how all of that happened a 1/4 century ago.
Hope everyone else is too!