Entry #2069
8:32 PM - September 7th, 2020
And with the click of a button, a teaser is uploaded and the march toward the release date is ON.
Now, that's barely even a teaser as it shows NONE of the new footage... but it's the start. And what it does have? Is the Meeting Michael theme. Which, sadly, is actually the song I wrote for Talya a decade ago and goddamnit, the whole world will know it as the "Meeting Michael" theme... but lemme just throw this here for good measure:
And then, less than a year later - Talya walked down the aisle to that song and we were married. The song means the world to me... and goddamnit if it isn't perfect for "Meeting Michael". There's a fantasy-magic feel to it that you'll all understand once you see the film. As well, the original 15-minute version I uploaded back in 2010 had the Forrest Gump Theme that I thought worked perfectly...
...you produce "I Believe" in that style? With some simple strings behind it? It's reminiscent of Forrest Gump evn though the melody is completely different. It's the perfect marriage and although I could've easily just changed up "I Believe" part of me wants it to be known by more people. Sure, they won't know the history - but I like that more people get to hear the song I wrote for Talya... even if they associate it with something else.
And of course, the song is produced because, holy shit, I now have a keyboard. Something I have somehow never owned, I now own. It's a long story and I'll give it it's very own entry... but the fact that I can now legitimately score a film is so exciting. There's so much I have to produce for this film including building a set in the attic that is just a gargantuan undertaking... that it's pretty overwhelming.
But at the end of the day I have a keyboard that allows me to create orchestral music that certain projects will always need. So thrilled. More soon...