Entry #2067
11:20 AM - September 3rd, 2020
The year VR began to feel like a necessity...
So the advent of The Quest Age had now brought multiplayer VR into focus. Something that was obviously always available, but with strangers because so few people had the multiple thousands of dollars to throw at VR...
...but $399? Sheeeeeeit. It opens up. Now family members have it and I even talked Don into getting it which now makes VR golf possible. And suddenly? Though I haven't physically seen the guy in nearly a YEAR? We hung out and played golf. And there was no need to even edit this. This is what it feels like to "hang" in VR...
We sure do say fuck a lot. That's actually what Don said when I posted it on Facebook. And I was annoyed because - YEAH DUDE - this is you when you're not "acting". You know, the thing you do CONSTANTLY that drives me up the wall? That refusal to ever be honest or show anyone a side other than Goldie?
This is a topic for a different entry. LOL. And, well, maybe I break this up and do that entry next. There's certainly an elephant in the room here and one I haven't made public (unless you just read between the lines of entry titles and cryptic videos).
BUT YES! Fun playing golf with Don again... let's get to that locked entry now, shall we?